Briar’s Birthday

This is a two part post meaning that I am writing two things in one post.  Make any sense?  I thought not!

Let’s get on with this.

7:36 a.m.

I’ve been up for a while, gone for a run, had a shower and had breakfast.  Tara and Briar have been up for a while working out stuff for the party.  Mum is still resting seeing as she was up until about midnight making the cake, Dad is making tea.  The girls are super excited about the party that starts in 5 hours and 24 minutes!  They have been trying to work out games for the party.  Three words to describe them: Excited, Excited, Excited!  Three words to describe Mum: Tired, Tired, Tired!  As well as working out games the girls were telling me what I had to do before the party: tidy my room, cut up party food, wrap the pass-the-parcel, practise my unicycling.   And what I had to do at the party: entertain people until everyone arrives by unicycling, run party games, play music, serve food.  I have a lot to get done right!  That’s all for now, I’ll update you soonish!

7:49 p.m.

It’s over 12 hours since I last updated this post.  The party was good but exhausting and everyone is fractious, tension is high in this house-hold.  The cake that Mum made was amazing, but a massive sugar-hit (and I didn’t even have the icing!) and it went down a treat, we’ll be eating chocolate cake for the next month!  I’ll put a picture of it, as well as Tara and my 5th birthday cakes, on here tomorrow.  Briar had loads of fun but it was super windy and so the kids (about 10 of them!) spent most of their time inside.  There were times when I disappeared to my room to get away from the loudness of small children and Frozen music combined!  I’ve got 7 more minutes before I have to get off here and I don’t want to risk going over that limit so I’ll update you more tomorrow.  By the way, most of the list that the girls gave me got completed, just not the entertaining people by unicybcling, I did practise though.

That’s all for now, I’ll update you more tomorrow,

A very tired white-copy-12

P.S. Ten followers!  Amazing!


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