Today’s Poem

I am keeping on going with my poem challenge!  If I gave you a poem every day then this would turn into a poem blog, not an anything and everything blog as it is now, so I have decided jut to do the odd poem and when I know how to I’ll make a new page with all of the poems on it.  If you can tell me how to do this then it will be done soon, if not then it could be several years until I get a second page with posts on it!

So, this is today’s poem.


Just sitting here,

I’m happy.

I live to be happy,

And I am.

Life is too short,

Too short to be anything but happy.

I’ll face anything that comes,

Face anything with happiness.

I’m happy,

Just sitting here.

I’m happy,

Just happy.

I think that I’ve told you before that my poems are often inspired by books, songs or my real-life experiences.  This is about none of these things, just an idea that popped into my head at 5:30ish this morning when I heard Mum and Tara leaving (see next paragraph).  I hope you enjoyed it.

Tara has an eye-operation today and so it’s just Dad, Briar and me at home today!  Mum’s at the hospital with Tara.  I just wanted to tell you all about that.

Briar’s birthday that’s today, her honorary birthday post is coming on Sunday after her party.  It’ll be complete with all of her pictures of presents and her cake.

Lastly, I am getting lots more followers!  I have got something like 9 at the moment and for the last three days I have been getting one daily!  Thank you all for following me, I really appreciate it.

This is the shortest post in ages!


P.S.  After my statement about followers you might be thinking that I must have more than that because the follow button on the side says I have something like 226 followers, just to be certain, IT’S LYING!


Please comment, I love recieving comments. Just say nice things, bad things make me sad and you don't want a sad blogger.

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