These Holidays and Things

Alright, let’s start this post off.

It’s been the Summer school holidays for just less than a month now.  So far we haven’t really done too much.  I’ll tell you what I’ve done: I’ve sand-papered my windowsills (will post about that at a later stage), made about a hundred-and-one different to-do lists (none of which I have stuck to) and written a few story parts (none of them join up!). Really, not much.  Oh yes, and I’ve gone to the library numerous times.  See what I said, not very exciting.  It will get more exciting though (hopefully!).

Anyway, it’s Briar’s birthday on Thursday and SHE’S FIVE!  This may well be the start of the holidays being exciting.  She is soooooooooooooooo excited about it because at the start of term she’s starting school.  We got uniforms and books last week and so she is getting more and more excited by the day!  Term starts on the 30th so it’s three weeks today!  I’m not sure if I’m excited or nervous, it may be a mixture of both.  I mean, I was home schooled all last year and know only a few people at the school.  But I am looking forward to starting a new year at a new school. Who knows what could happen!

Now, a Summer weather report.  Actually, it’s meant to be the Summer holidays, but really when the sky outside the computer window looks like this…


…it’s hard to say that it’s exactly Summery!  The weather most of these holidays has been like this or raining.  There has been the odd day where there has been absolutely no rain, but when that happens it usually is windy instead.  There have also been days when it has been lovely all day until about 5 o’clock when it has started pouring with rain.  What’s the weather like where you are?  Does anyone who reads this live in New Zealand where it is Summer or anywhere like that or does everyone live in the cold places?  I do know that a few people look at this from all sorts of places, although I think that the WordPress Admin may not have been telling me the truth when it said that I had had views from people in China, Norway, Ireland and Japan last year!  If it is true and they are really people reading this from those places, please tell me!  If so then I will give you a mention in my next post tomorrow.  Tell me where you are in the world and I will make a map of the places where you all live.

Sorry about the weather report.  Weather reports are probably right at the top of the ‘DO NOT POST’ list.  In the end it wasn’t really a weather report though, more a chance for all my readers to get involved in my blog.  Let’s just pretend that I didn’t post about the weather and change subject completely.  Let’s change the subject to poetry.

I have got a new plan (and have had it for eight days, maybe nine days), the plan is to write one poem everyday ’til the 1st of January 2018.  Sorry, I didn’t explain that very well at all. The plan is to write a poem from the 1st of January 2017 to the 1st of January 2018.  365 poems over 365 days.  Now I will have poems to put on here!  If I run out of ideas (I just got a whole heap of new ones from books and songs) then I will come calling out for more.  I have actually already started with this project and have written eight poems so far.  I started on the 1st so have written one everyday, if you made any sense of that, well done! If you want to join me in my poeming, feel free to, put all of the poems onto a document and give me a link at the end of the year (you don’t have to do this but I will be and why not share the poems around?!), if you don’t want to do this, just comment that you’re doing it, I’d be pleased to know that someone is using my idea.  I’ll create a logo and if you have a blog you can post the logo on it and then everyone will know that you’re doing it!  All sound good, if so, that’s good.

My other project idea is the 365K challenge.  This challenge is that you write 1,000 word of a story everyday and then, at the end of the year, you have a 365,000 word story!  It’s a very simple idea.  You write a novel!  I have got a really good idea for a story and so my challenge starts today (to tell you the truth, I only found out about this challenge today on one of the blogs that I flick through, so I am starting today for that reason).  You may remember my story ‘Tower of Flames’ and if so this is not the same story.  It has still got Adelaide and James in it, but is not about acting.  I gave up on that story because it made no sense to me.  If you liked it, sorry.

I think that I am just droning on and on and on now, aren’t I?

OK, this is another complete change of topic.  I’m now changing it to unicycles and juggling.  (See what I said about a complete change of topic!)  I don’t think that I’ve told any of my blog’s readers that I can ride a unicycle, have I?  Well, I can and I love it.  My new school has unicycles and we think that I’ll be able to take mine in to ride around on!  It’ll be super exciting.  The school has got a bike track that, if I am allowed, I can’t wait to unicycle along.  Riding my unicycle is one of the things that I really wanted to do these holidays and I have ridden it quite a lot when it’s not been pouring with rain.  Anyway, the other part of this paragraph was ‘juggling’.  Both mum and dad can juggle and dad used to make a living out of it, he’s actually going to Taranaki to entertain at some libraries in a couple of weeks, leaving us girls alone!  Do you think we’ll get into any mischief?!  Dad has been trying to get me to learn to juggle for the past – oh, I can’t even remember how many years, two, three? – I’ve given up trying to remember how many years, it’s been ages anyway.  But these holidays I finally knuckled down and learnt.  I can now do six catches with three balls, and I’m getting better (or so I hope!).  Can anyone who reads this blog ride a unicycle, juggle or any other things like that, I’d love it if some of my readers could seeing as not many people that I know can.  Please tell me if you can do anything like that! I really like knowing that some of my reader relate to me in any which way.  I really know almost zilch about you all.  Add this information into your comment about where you live.

Do you think that I’m droning on and on now?!

Now I am certainly droning on about absolutely nothing, but sometimes you just have to have posts like this to lighten the mood of the rest of the world around us.  Does anyone actually like my crazy posts?  That’s a rhetorical question, I don’t actually want to know if you don’t, just tell me if you do!  Thanks for that, it makes me very happy to get nice comments about my posts.  Lots of people give me nice comments.

And now I’m guessing that you’re saying ‘EMILY, YOU ARE MOST CERTAINLY GOING ON! PLEASE STOP AND END THIS POST!’  If you are then you’re in luck, I was just about to say that I am getting there with my post-a-thon and am going to say goodbye for today.

Goodbye for today (eventually!),


P.S. The sign off picture of Summer does not relate to me right now.


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