The Doll Graveyard

Title – The Doll Graveyard

Author – Lois Ruby

Publisher – Scholastic Inc.

Genre – Horror

Pages – 246

Rating – 10/10

Age – 9+

This is a brilliant the-doll-graveyardhorror book.  It is not super scary, but can scare you if you skip ahead in it.  I would recommend reading it all in one day instead of risking getting nightmares, but if you like nightmares, read over a number of days!

The Doll Graveyard is about an almost-12-year-old girl named Shelby Tate.  Shelby, her younger brother Brian and her mother move into the house they have inherited from their great-aunt.  The house is called Cinder Creek.  But there is something odd about the house, at the back there is a cemetery.  The graves in the cemetery are only small enough for dolls.  There is only one thing wrong with the dolls, they won’t stay buried!

I found this a mildly scary book, but if you really dislike horror, then I wouldn’t recommend reading it.  It’s quite fast paced and makes for an easy read as there is absolutely nothing confusing about it.  I would recommend it and rate it 10/10 because it is really good and an exciting read.

Please tell me if you have read this book and if you enjoyed it.




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