Everything and Anything!

Hi there my dear blog-followers (even if there aren’t very many of you).  This is my 50th post on The Island of Me!

That was a really weird way to start my post, I’m sorry.  Actually, this whole post is going to be slightly weird, the reason: it’s full of a whole lot of stuff.

Right, I’ll start off by breaking some news to you – it’s not going to affect this blog, but you really ought to know it.  You’re probably going “Just get on with the news, Emily!” so here it is: next year I’m going back to school.  I know that I’ve only been being home-schooled for a year, but the girls are moving schools, and so it was decided that I would too.  Don’t worry, I’ll still be using IXL for maths and English, so you won’t miss out on the awesomely hard questions that I set you – speaking of theses questions, no-one has answered ONE yet :(.  Really, they’re not super-duper hard!  I will also be continuing to do quick questions and small projects which I will continue to upload.

Strange post subject number two: summer.  Now, I know that quite a few of my blog’s readers are in England and so this may just make you slightly jealous, but I read your posts and you post about summer when it’s winter here, so you make me jealous too.  (I told you this was going to be a weird post.)  The other day though, the weather did not resemble summer at all, it was Christmas Eve and the temperature was only 15 degrees Celcius!  I mean, it was 28 degrees just two days before AND it was Christmas Eve, it was meant to be warm here!  It is warm today though.  Below is our Christmas picture that I just thought that you’d like to see.


Next subject, Christmas.  I thought that I would share a few of my most recent quick questions, they’re all about Christmas, here they are:

Santa?  Father Christmas?  St Nicholas?  Who is he?  Where did he come from?  Why does he wear red and white? 

Santa Claus is a jolly man who delivers presents to well-behaved children on Christmas Eve (24 December).  He came from Saint Nicholas who was a monk.  It is believed that St Nicholas was born in about 280 A.D.  Over many years St Nicholas spent his money on children and the poor and became known as the protector of children.  As for the reason that Santa wears red and white, that came from drawings by Thomas Nast.  Nast drew Santa in a red, fur lined suit, a red, fur lined hat and a black belt with a large buckle.

What is advent and why is it?

The word advent comes from the Latin word for coming, adventus, which is the translation of a Greek word parousia.  The word advent means arrival or and appearing or coming into place.  Advent is the time of the year that leads up to Christmas.  It is observed by Christians.  The advent period lasts for four Sundays, beginning on the fourth Sunday before Christmas or the Sunday closest to November 30 and ending on Christmas Eve.  Therefore this is not classed as the Christmas season.  The advent celebration is a celebration of both Jesus’s first coming to earth and an anticipation of his second. 

Answer any of your questions?  If they did, please tell me, I love to know if they do.

The pictures below are of us three with our favourite Christmas presents.  These are the stories behind them:

Briar got a set of roller-skates.  She loves them and has spent most of the day walking around with them on.  She has had many tumbles but she loves them all the same.

Tara got a full sized drum kit which she is having SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much fun bashing around on (she’s actually playing it properly as she is having drum lessons).  The drum kit is living in the playroom/sleepout that is now the ‘Drumshed’.  It was very funny when Dad revealed it to her because he told her to go and get Mum’s present (an orchid) out of the playroom, where the kit was hiding.  She walked in and opened the door, she was so frightened that she had seen something that she wasn’t meant to that she walked out, closed the door and asked if she was meant to see what she had seen.  As it turned out the orchid wasn’t even in the playroom but it was a very good surprise anyway.

And me.  My favourite present was probably the slackline that Mum and Dad got me.  It was a very weird present because I really had no idea why I was given a box of ratchets and webbing straps.  It took a while for me to fully understand, but when I worked it out I was so pleased.  We set the line up in the garden this morning and it is a whole heap of fun, but it is also really hard.


Second to lastly (is that even a phrase?!), blog buttons.  I have got this little problem that I need some help with.  Blog Buttons.  Basically they’re a button that you put on your blog for someone else to copy onto theirs, the buttons have a link to their owners blog that means that it creates a link between the two blogs.  I have a button that is all ready but I just can’t work out how to put it onto the sidebar.  Does anyone out there know how to put one of tjhese buttons onto a WordPress blog?  If you do, please tell me.  PLEASE HELP!

Lastly, thank you!  Thank you getting to the end of this post and thank you for sticking with me and my crazy posts all year.  If I write again before the New Year I will probably repeat the end of that sentence.

Until I write again,



9 thoughts on “Everything and Anything!”

  1. Hey there Em, I’m so pleased I stopped by to have a look at this chapter. It is lovely to see you girls, I find it hard to believe how much you have all changed. Enjoyed your update, love from Kerryn xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for the link to Megan’s blog. I hope that I get the button up soon!
      I’ve got relatives in England and they say that it is very cold. I’m just enjoying our lovely weather!


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