Tackling Racism With Haikus




This is a post that I found this morning on Gracie (https://graciechicksblog.wordpress.com/)’s blog.  Please check out her post.  The post is about racism and haiku poetry, as is mine.

Gracie’s idea is that if every blogger who reads our posts writes their own haiku poem (I’ll explain them in a moment) about racism, then maybe we can help stop it around the world.  The general gist of this is that I post this along with my own haiku poem and if you have your own blog you repost this, or write your own post, and add in a haiku poem about racism, helping to stop it.  If you don’t have a blog you comment on here along with a haiku poem and we can together make a collection of them.  Even if you do have a blog please add in your own haiku in the comments section along with the blog you’re posting your own on.

The campaign is called Tackling Racism With Haikus.

A haiku poem is a short Japanese poem made up of three lines.  The first line has got five syllables in it, the second seven and the third again five.  These poems can have so much depth to them and, in the few words that they are made of, can be very powerful.

We can all help change the world from our computer screens.

A few words can do so much.  They can both damage and heal.  They can change lives both for better and for worse.  Wars can be started with words.  Being a blogger I tell my life to you using words, but they can still be tough to come up with.  Haikus can be hard to write, but with some perseverance we can make a change, a difference with them.  Please comment on this post and try to write your own haiku, no matter how bad you think that it is, post it, you can make a change with it, this is an important problem in our lives.

If you think that your poem is bad, it doesn’t matter, it’s the thought that counts.  I have to thank Gracie so much for coming up with this as it is something that I could never have thought of.  I have plans to help the world in other ways and will post them at a later stage.

You know what I said at the start, the warning, I want this to go viral, tell your friend, your family, everyone, the more poems, the better.  Everyone MUST read this post, everyone with the ability to MUST read it.  Everyone with the ability MUST write a poem.  Everyone with the ability MUST post their poem in the comments bar.  I know how many people read this, I know how many people comment on it, if everyone who reads this writes a poem, how many poems will we get?  Heaps right, DO IT, this is important!

We need to speak out.

I’ll be the second to post my poem, this is it.

Colour doesn’t count,
As it is never helpful,
In the battle now…

Please help spread the word…



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