Ruby Redfort: Look Into My Eyes

My second book review!  Here goes:


Title: Ruby Redfort: Look Into My Eyes

Author: Lauren Child

Genre: Mystery

Publisher: HarperCollins Childrens Books 2011, HarperCollinsPublishers Ltd

Age: 10+

Rating: 9/10

This is the first book in the brilliant Ruby Redfort series of six.  The author Lauren Child is also the author of the well-known Charlie and Lola picture book series and the Clarice Bean chapter book series for slightly older children. I would recommend this series as well.  Lauren Child first introduced Ruby Redfort in the Clarice Bean series and following many letters from fans asking for the Ruby Redfort series, wrote this new series.  book

Ruby is a thirteen-year-old genius.  She is recruited by a secret spy agency that goes by the name of Spectrum.  The division that Ruby works for is Spectrum 8.  Ruby works on a case with the Redfort’s under-cover butler, and Ruby’s personal bodyguard, Hitch.   Ruby becomes Spectrum 8’s code cracker but cannot tell anyone, including her best friend Clancy Crew,
as Spectrum’s number 1 rule is: Keep it zipped.  

Throughout the book there are numerous different codes and puzzles that have been created by Lauren Child’s super-geek consultant Marcus du Sautoy.

I would totally recommend this book as it is very well written and is just fantastic.  The whole series is very good as well.  It is quite a complicated read and takes quite a lot of patience to understand so I think that it is a better read for people over the age of 10.  Also, I would recommend having a piece of paper and a pen beside you to keep notes.


Please recommend more books for me to read and review!  Also tell me if you have read this and what you thought of it.

Nos vemos…



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