Tower of Flames – Part II…

I can’t believe that it’s December already!  Can you?  I hope next year goes slower than this one has as I might actually get a few more posts done!

Anyway I totally have to thank Gracie from A Light in the Darkness (https://graciechicksblog.wordpress.com/) for reminding me that I haven’t posted the second part of my story that I started a month ago.  This is the second part of it with the end of the start so you can see where I am up to.


Tower of Flames

James smiled at her bitterness and began.  He began at the start of his life, with his parents…

“My parents were Louise and Charlie Silvermere.  Both were actors in movies.  They were in multiple movies and spent most of their time travelling, filming.  I lived with my grandmother in England as they were to busy to look after a son.  

I wanted to be like them, to be in movies, and started taking drama classes at the age of 9. Right from the start the drama classes were my favourite thing in the world, I loved pretending to be someone else, to get into character.  The classes were the thing that I lived my life for.  I never loved my grandmother veey much, I don’t mean to be selfish, she looked after me well enough, but she was too harsh and didn’t seem to like me much, someone like that you can’t love.  I isolated myself, hiding in my bedroom, learning all lines to plays and reading books from my grandmother’s library.  I met my parents every now and then and they came to my plays if they had the time.  I didn’t love them either, I never saw them.

It was at drama class that I met you Adelaide.  I still remember you the day I met you like it was now.  You walked in with your father, clearly arguing.  You were glaring and seemed too cold for anyone to warm to, I liked that about you.  I later found out that your father was a movie director and wanted you to be an actor.  You really didn’t want to though, yopu wanted to be a make-up artist like your mother.  

One day after drama class I went home and my grandmother told me, most sympathetically, the most sympathetic I’ve ever seen her, that both of my parents had died in a car crash in Bangladesh.  I didn’t cry much, but I didn’t leave my room for weeks, not even going out for meals, I had them all delivered to my room.  I left the house for drama class and one other time when my grandmother took me to the funeral, other than that I hid, nothing could get me out of my room.  I continued to learn my lines, now adamant that I would follow in my parents footstep, that I would make them proud.  

You father came to watch one of the plays three weeks after my parents death.  I can’t remember what the play was, but I know that I was one of the main characters and you were a talking tree.  Your father wasn’t very pleased that you were a talking tree, but said that it was better than nothing.  After the play your father came up the me and introduced himself as Oliver Niggles, a movie director. He said that he needed a young actor for a small part in a movie that he was directing and he had come to choose one at the play.  He had been told that I was a very good actor by the drama teacher.  He said that he had known my parents well as he had directed many moivies that they had been in.  He offered me a place in the movie and talked to my grandmother.  My grandmother said that if I wanted, I could be in the movie.  I took the opportunity up immediately, if I could make my parents proud at the age of 11, I would.  Soon I was at your house, where the movie was being filmed.  It was more of a castle, actually and was perfect for the film.  The movie I was to be in was Roald Dahl’s ‘Matilda’.  I was to be w child who went to Matilda’s school. I absolutely loved the idea of being in a movie and learned all of my lines off by heart in two weeks, admittedly there were only a few, but I still remembered them all. You were helping your mother as a make-up artist as that was what you wanted to be.

I loved being in the movie.  I loved the thrill of it.  After a long time filming, I went to the movie premier with your family and my grandmother.  It was so amazing to see myself on the big screen in front of me.”


That is all that I have got for now so sorry that I have to stop there.  I will post more when I have more.   The character, James Silvermere, is not actually an actor who was in Matilda, in fact, he is just a made up character, none of the other characters are real either even though the movie, ‘Matilda’, is.

I just thought that I needed to add a few photos.  We have got two brand new, totally adorable, ewe lambs.  They are called Cinnamon and Stella, these are them:


The photo at the top of Stella was taken about two hours after she was born.  Stella is out of a ewe called Chanel who is brown.  Her name is Stella because Stella McCartney is a fashion designer and so was Chanel.  Cinnamon is out of a ewe called Ginger who is white.   Ginger’s father was black and her mother white and she was crossed with a black ram, meaning that she had a 50% chance of producing a black lamb and a 50% chance of producing a white one.

Nos vemos…



3 thoughts on “Tower of Flames – Part II…”

    1. Thank you for pointing that out, a few people are probably wondering what it means and will now be thanking you. ‘Nos vemos’ is Spanish for ‘See ya’ which I used to use. It sort of is code I suppose, Mum and I are learning Spanish and so I thought that I’d use on here.


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