Blogs that I’m Reading at the Moment…

I just thought that I would write a post about some of the blogs that I’m reading/looking at at the moment.  All of the authors are kids who’s ages range from 10-15.

The first blog that I am reading at the moment is by a girl living in England, Gracie.  Gracie is also a 12-year-old homeschooler who lives on a farm.  The link to her blog is:


The second blog that I’ve been looking at is by a 10-year-old girl who also lives in England named Moo.  She likes multiple things that I do including Harry Potter, cows and chocolate.  The link to her blog is:


The third is written by two girls living this time in Tanzania, Africa!  Amisadai and Louisa moved to Tanzania in 2010 and write about their adventures in Tanzania, adding in photographs when necessary.  Their blog is:


The fourth blog is by a 15-year-old also homeschooled girl named Maddy.  Maddy likes photography, dancing, baking, drawing and reading.  Her blog is:


The fifth blog is by another 15-year-old girl named Kathryn.  Kathryn can’t go a day without writing something and enjoys basically the same things as Maddy.  I found Kathryn’s blog on Maddy’s blog to tell you the truth.  This is Kathryn’s blog:


Lastly there’s Loren.  Loren is a  writer, photographer, artist,reader and soccer player.  Her blog is filled with interesting things, it is:


If you have a blog that you’d like me to check out and add to the ‘Blogs I Like’ bar that I’m setting up, please comment with a link to your blog.  I will look at anything that I’m sent!

Nos vemos…


P.S. I am all out of Quick Questions!  I finished the last two this morning.  If you have any for me to investigate, please write them in the comment bar below this post, if you can’t work out how please search for the post called ‘Comments…’.  I really enjoy investigating the questions and will post them, and their authors names, on here.


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