Jean Batten

Sorry about that last post.  I just needed to check if it worked, this is the real project.

Jean Batten was a famous New Zealand pilot who flew in the 1930’s.  I did a three-part project on her.  The first part of the project was a simple biography.  This was basically a brief outline of Jean Batten’s life and her achievements.  This was the easiest part of the project, but took me two days, longer than both of the other parts.  I did the project on Prezi as I thought that it would be the best was of presenting it.  Below is the link to the project, to click through the information just press the arrow keys on the keyboard or click the arrows on the screen  It is also easier to see if the project is in full size.


The second part of the project was also done on Prezi. I had to write a newspaper article of one of Jean Batten’s achievements.  I chose her flight to New Zealand from England, the first direct flight between the two countries.  This is the presentation (to move through, look at the instructions in the paragraph above):


The third part of the project was by far the hardest.  I had to write a diary, from Jean’s point of view, about one of her flights.  I chose to do the diary on her last long distance flight, her second flight from England to Australia.  I did this on a new program that I have just discovered called google docs.  I later found out that I couldn’t embed this into WordPress, so I transposed it into a word document, this is the document:

Jean Batten

Now, after I’ve told you all about Jean Batten, I need to tell you something.  This thing is that as soon as I tell you that heaps of people are commenting, everybody stops commenting!  Aaaaaaaagh!!!!  Please do keep commenting, I love receiving comments.

Nos vemos…



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    1. Thanks! I had a little bot of trouble when I started writing the diary, but an hour and a half later I had finished it and after a little editing it was done. Dad says that it just goes to show what you can get done if you put your mind to it!


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