Show Season – Done…

This was meant to have been published last week, but I just didn’t get round to publishing it, so show season was officially over last weekend.

Anyway, the show season for the lambs and calves is now officially over.  Both Moose and Chase have had their collars taken off for the last time and Hope’s brushes and halters have been left in the shed for now.  Hope is starting to be weaned off milk as well, something she is not very pleased about.  The last show we went to was last weekend and was Waipukurau A&P Show. It was great for me – Chase won her Senior Lamb Class, earning me $20 and Hope won Most Obvious Pet Calf and another $20.

My season ended with heaps of ribbons. These are Hope’s achievements: Best Animal Shield (shared with Chase, MHE Show), Reserve Champion Calf (Rangitoto Day), Best Crossbred Heifer Calf Trophy (Rangitoto Day), Most Obvious Pet Calf +$20 (Waipuk A&P Show), 1st Crossbred Heifer Calf (Rangitoto Day), 1st Senior Care and Attention (Rangitoto Day), 1st Senior Calf Class (MHE Show), 3rd Group of Three Calves (Rangitoto Day) and Highly Commended Senior Leading (Rangitoto Day).

And these are Chase’s (Chase hasn’t been to as many shows as Hope so has less prizes): Animal Shield (shared with Hope, MHE Show), 1st Senior Lamb Class (MHE Show) and 1st Senior Lamb Class + $20 (Waipuk A&P Show).

As you can probably tell from the last two paragraphs, Hope and Chase both did super well, and are quite relieved now that they don’t have to be hauled into the trailer anymore! Sadly, I only have one more year that I am able to show my animals at the shows :(.

I am starting to get HEAPS more comments now, so thank you everyone for them!   Dad and I are making a hovercraft, I’ll get some photos up when we are finished.

Nos vemos…


P.S. This is Hope and our other calf Dave last night, Dave was annoying Hope!




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