Massey, Maths and Assassination…

The title of this post is a rather strange one, but don’t worry, I’m not planning an assassination attempt!  That part of the post will be explained more later on.

We have got our last pet show for the season tomorrow, I’m not sure if I’m ad or happy about that though.

On another note (and a happier one), Dad, Erin (a friend from BAFTAH) and I went to Massey University’s Food Technology Unit on Monday.  It was so much fun and so amazing.  We got to go inside a room where all of the things inside would probably have cost about $15 million!  Dad’s favourite room was the Brewing room where they were brewing a 200 litre batch of beer.  We got given some fake meat made of pea protein and some ice-cream with an unknown flavour, it tasted alright though.  If you’re wondering why we got to go in, I sent a link to my post with my science fair on to one of the scientists at Massey who helped me and he invited me up there!  There is no other explanation to why he asked me, but I said yes, I mean, who’d turn down that chance!  The whole trip was amazing and very hard to describe as I didn’t take any pictures of the trip.

Second topic…Maths.  I have just started the year eight maths curriculum on IXL and thought that I’d post some more maths, The only trouble is that there is so much that it is on a word document, here it is…


And here are the answers, tell me if you got them right (on here please, not facebook, it’s mum’s facebook page that it goes to and so she tells me when people have commented and it’s much better to find out without her telling me, thanks).



Now the last thing, and probably the thing that you have been wondering about…Assassination!  As I said at the start, I am not planning an assassination attempt, I wondered the other day, (while listening to the live stream of the US election on the radio, who’d think that Donald Trump was to be president!) how many US presidents have been assassinated.  So Dad set me a quick question on it.  As it turned out it wasn’t a quick question at all, but a half hour one instead.  Below is the word document that it is on.  There are a few other questions on there that may give you some extra knowledge that may well be helpful, if anything it is something that you can use to make you seem smarter to your friends, just tell them that you got it off a 12-year-old’s blog, that might lose you your momentary smartness, but it’ll do me some good!


Please give me (using the comment bar – for how to comment, look at my post titled ‘Comments…’) some questions to look up, simplify for you and upload onto here for you, as well as some poem ideas, I am all out at the moment and need, as in NEED, more ideas, as I haven’t written a poem since July.

Nos vemos…



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