This was meant to be published last Monday, sorry for the delay in getting it to you all!

I was just reading though a few of my older posts and thought that I should clear up a few things.  The post that I did about the MHE Show last month, says that Hope won Grand Champion, so why am I so pleased with a Reserve Grand Champion she won last week?  The reason is that at the MHE Show, Hope was in a class with only a few calves and didn’t actually get Grand Champion, she got a first and together, her and Chase got the Animal shield.  Therefore meaning that at Rangitoto Day last week, Hope did heaps better than at the MHE Show.

Anyway, after all that’s cleared up (if you can understand it all, if you can’t don’t worry), this post is about the dinosaur exhibition that Dad and I went and saw last Monday. It was at Te Manawa in Palmerston North and was extremely cool.  This is a photo that might tell you something about the exhibition:

One of the Tyrannosaurus-Rex’s

The photo is of one of the T-Rex’s that was there, and it was massive!  If you are in Palmerston North then I would thoroughly recommend going and seeing the dinosaurs.  At the bottom of this post is a collage of the exhibition.  The exhibition had animatronic dinosaurs that moved, roared and blinked.

These are a few videos that I found on YouTube of animatronic animals and dinosaurs:

The last video is of the T-Rex at the Natural History Museum in London, it is the same one that was at Te Manawa.  Animatronic things are used in all sorts of movies as it would be cruel on real animals to make them go skiing things like that.

Below my sign off is the collage.

Nos vemos…


The Dinosaurs at the Exhibition

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