This is a post dedicated purely to Hope (and a little bit to Moose).  If you caught sight of the image at the top of this post, then you will see that it is Hope.  The photo was taken this afternoon when we got back from Rangitoto Day, our lamb and calf show.  If you look again at the photo you will see the ribbon on her back, a Reserve Grand Champion!  She was so good today and got 5 ribbons in all, as well as a trophy.  The trophy was the Crossbred Cup and she got first in the Care and Attention as well as the Crossbred, third in the Group of Three and Highly Commended in the Leading.  I was so surprised when she placed in the Leading as she hadn’t done her best work.

Moose got six ribbons and a shield.  The shield was for the Group of Three.  He got two firsts in the Group of Three and a first in the Meat lamb section.  He also got a second in the Call and Follow, a third in Care and Attention and a Highly Commended in Leading.  Tara was very pleased with him.

Chase got Briar a Highly Commended for the Pre-School section.

These are photos of the us with the three animals and their ribbons.

Nos vemos…



2 thoughts on “Animals…”

  1. Congratulations on your successes at the latest show. Great! I have been reading with interest and have learnt a lot about how to prepare animals for show. You have given them a lot of care and attention and are busy girls.
    Love Aunty Judith

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