Science Fair…

I have FINALLY finished my Science Fair project!  It was a massive job to get it finished on time, but I did eventually get it done.  Below is what the finished version looked like, don’t try to read the information on it, there are four links below to the information.  Please read them in the order that they are numbered – 1a, 2a, 3a, and 4a.  This way you will have the information flowing well.  The project got first in my age category!

No.1 = 1a          No.2 = 2a          No.3 = 3a          No.4 = 4a

Please give me your thoughts on the project, I love receiving them, even if Dad does spoil all my fun in approving them!

By the way, this is Hope this morning when I was playing with her, I though that I ought to add it in here because of the look on her face…and because she won grand champion, I still can’t get over that!

Nos vemos…



3 thoughts on “Science Fair…”

  1. Excellent Em. How would honey compare to treacle? Just a thought!
    What a great idea that was and fantastic you were invited to Massey.
    Well done. Christine and Bill x

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