This is the second post in a row called ‘YAY’.  This one is a follow on to the last one about the MHE Home and Country Show.  It went so well and to all of the people who wished me luck, your wishes must have worked.  This is a brief description of it:

I got up SUPER early, (5:30 am) because I was so nervous and couldn’t get back to sleep.  Just before I went out to see Hope and Chase, Tara and Briar woke up and begged me to take them down with me; I did, so at 6:00 am we left the house for the shed.  Hope was not at all pleased to be woken up so early in the morning, although it was very light.  Tara and I spent about an hour grooming her so that her coat was sparkling and there wasn’t any dirt on her before going up to the house for a quick breakfast before feeding the lambs and Hope and packing the car.  By the time we were done it was about 7:30 and I was getting SUPER nervous.  Hope obviously sensed these nerves when I was loading her into the trailer and was playing around.  The nerves got worse over the 1 hour journey into Ashhurst and by the time we got there I was panicking, this is never good for me because when I panic I get a little bit mad.  I had to put my dress and two pieces of art into the hall before rushing back to get Hope and Chase ready for their classes.  At 10:00 am I took Hope into the ring and waited with the other people in my class for the class to begin.  When it did, the first class was leading.  That was my weak spot as Hope decided to lie down in the middle of the course!  I was so annoyed and expected that it had cost me the class.  The next class was Care and Attention.  The Care and Attention class was the class that I was looking forward to most, it went really well and Hope performed perfectly.  Lastly there was the type class, Hope was in the dairy class and went well in that too.  Then it was Chase’s turn.  Chase led perfectly and then called perfectly too.  She wasn’t the biggest lamb in the Care and Attention class, but the judge seemed to like her and that was what mattered.  Then there was a SUPER  long wait for about three hours.

When the wait was over we all went and sat down for the prize-giving, then we got told that  have to wait for a little bit longer because the certificates weren’t printed out.  I was sitting in the front row and so had one of the best seats.  When they came out again we were all given participation certificates and then the prize-giving started.  Luckily for me, the calf and lamb prize-giving was first.  As it turned out, both Chase and Hope had won their classes and just to top it all off, I had won the animal shield!  I will put a picture on when I get it.  My dress had also came third in it’s class.

This is a collage of the day:

Thank you everyone for your luck wishes!

Nos vemos…



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