I am finally getting people commenting on this, I have had 7 comments so far I think, so thank you everyone who has commented!

Anyway, I have my first calf, lamb, etc. show tomorrow, it’s the MHE (Manawatu Home Educators) Home and Country Show!  I am taking both Hope and Chase as well as my dress, my horse painting and a barbed wire horse.  Wish me luck, it’s going to be so much fun as a few people from BAFTAH are going too.  Tara wanted to enter but you have to be home-schooled to enter.

I have been following this blog about blogs for the past few weeks, it has heaps of cool and interesting blogs by kids on it.  If you like my blog then check it out, there might be another blog that you like.  It’s URL is: http://kidsblogclub.com/.

Another thing that I have going on in the next two weeks is the Science Fair.  Once I’ve finished typing it out I will put a link on.  This is another thing that you have to wish me luck for!  My question is: Is Treacle Sweeter Than Golden Syrup?  It’s a really fun question and I have done 10 experiments for it!

I had to add these photos I took yesterday.  The first one is of Hope yesterday morning when she was having her breakfast, and the second is of Moose, Chase and Possum all tied to the front lawn.






Hope was so pleased to have her breakfast she was running up and down the fence-line in anticipation!

Possum was tied up so that when a car came up the driveway, she didn’t get squashed… and she was too wriggly for me to hold onto!

Nos vemos…



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