Do any kids read this?  I was just wondering earlier because all of the comments (except Elizabeth’s) have been from adults.  If any kids are reading this, please comment and tell me about yourself, especially if you have your own blog, I will definitely read through it.

These are two pictures of Briar (looking exceptionally cute) that I took by the creek yesterday.  In the first one she’s hanging out of one of the willows, grinning madly, and in the second she’s jumping over the creek.

 Isn’t she just so funny.  At first she was doing whatever I asked her to do, but she stopped that.   Tara and I went on a wild Briar hunt which ended up with the camera getting a flat battery as I had taken over 140 pictures!  Do you like them?

This is another story that I do not think that I have put on before; it’s too long to put on this blog because the whole website may just crash (I do not think that it will, but it’s an awful though), so this is a link to it, tell me what you think, PLEASE!!!!


Nos vemos…


P.S. If you have any poem requests, I am all out of ideas.  Feel free to comment any suggestions through to me and I will post them.



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