Lambs, Lambs and More Lambs… Plus a Poem…

It is now the holidays!  These holidays are going to be pretty busy for me.  I am training Hope and Chase for their first show on the 15th of October, which is a home-school show, wish me luck.  Also, I have got to finish my science fair project which is being judged on the 20th of October.  There is also a BAFTAH disco and a onesie party.  At the moment, the holidays look super miserable and wet, even though it is spring.  but miserable weather brings me to my next subject and the title of this post: Lambs.


The picture above is a collage that I made from some of the pictures of the lambs I have collected.  I have just started raising orphan lambs that I have rescued.  At the moment there are six lambs in the shed and I am collecting more by the day.  The reason that I am collecting them is so that I can sell them when they are bigger and earn some money from them.  While there are only a few, they all have names, their names are: Lum-lum, Hungary, Blackface, Snowy, Maddy and Muddy.  Lum-lum and Hungary are the oldest by one day.  It is a full time job keeping them all fed and alive at the moment.

Anyway, since I haven’t put a poem up for ages, this is one, I hope that I haven’t done it before:


Whatever you’re doing,


Stop and think about your life,

Think: ‘Has it been good?’, ‘Has it been bad?’ and ‘What can I change?’

Think about this for a while,

And turn a page.

Turn a page,

And become a better person.

Make your life better,

And more memorable…

Nos vemos…



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