Chase and Manawatu Gorge Walk…

Meet Chase, the sweetest, cutest, friendliest lamb in the world, this is her:

The reason that I made a small collage of pictures of her, is that I couldn’t decide which to put on and I’ve realised that if I put on too many, then the photos do not work, which is annoying.  I got her on Friday, after the neighbour’s kids were chasing her around our paddock, hence the name Chase.  We were not sure where her mum was and so we decided to keep her and look after her.  We are not actually sure what breed she is because we didn’t breed her, but she is super cute none the less.

Next, Manawatu Gorge Walk.  Dad and I took some of the BAFTAH group on a tramp yesterday, this is the powerpoint presentation on it:


It’s the same as usual, click on the ‘slideshow’ tab, click ‘from beginning’ and click space to move through it.

Please give me your thoughts on it and I am in need of some poem ideas, so feel free to comment through a couple of ideas.

See ya…



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