Our Tramp…No 2.

I haven’t written for about two weeks!  How slack is that, but it’s because I’ve not had enough time and I’ve been WAY too busy.

Anyway, this is about the tramp that dad and I went on last week, it was up to Sunrise Hut again, but this time  there was SNOW!  This is how the whole tramp went down:

Last Wednesday, on the most lovely, sunny, warm day (and it’s still winter!), dad decided that we should go up to Sunrise Hut again.  This was all because he had been told by one of the BAFTAH parents that there was over 60cms of snow up there.  We walked for a little while before meeting some men who were working on the track, the walk was tiring enough with only a bag, but they were carrying a chainsaw and fuel up there!  About halfway up to the hut, we ran into a bit of snow, this is that first little bit of snow:

Pretty tiny right!  When we got to slightly bigger drifts, I chucked a couple of snowballs at dad, the first one hit the sun on his pack, but the second one hit the side of his neck and his ear!  He wasn’t very happy about this and promised to get me back.  We kept going a little bit and reached a point, about 50 minutes from the hut, where it was entirely snow.  It was a long, slippery process walking up the steep, snowy hill and I slipped over about 3 times on the way up, this is a picture that dad took of me, in the snow:

When we finally reached the hut, I had rather wet pants from falling into the snow.  We had a bit of lunch and walked up to the spot overlooking the scree, it looked absolutely stunning.  These are three pictures of what it looked like:


Stunning right, in the first one, there are actually people coming back down to the hut from the top of Armstrong Saddle.  Dad and I didn’t go up because we thought that it was a little bit too slippery.  On the way down, I fell over 7 times, taking my total up to 10 falls, I think that dad fell over at least once, but he says that he didn’t!  We ran into the chainsaw men on the way back too, they looked very tired because apparently chainsaws are quite heavy to carry up a hill.

This tramp was so much fun to do, and there was so much snow.

See ya…


P.S. This is the project that I have been doing about our pinhole camera.  It’s another power-point, so go onto the ‘slideshow’ button at the top and click the arrow keys to navigate your way through it.

Hydrangea Photos [Autosaved]


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