Photo Challenge…

Ginny (one of the BAFTAH group parents) found a photo challenge for August and send a link through.  There is a list of things that you have to take a photo of for every day of the month.  This is the program of things to photograph:

The weather has been not on my side for the last two days, but the first and second were quite nice.  These are the photos that I have taken so far:






Day 1: You




Day 2: Happiness





Day 3: Art

Day 4: It’s the small things…

I haven’t taken the photo for today, which is ‘Passion’.  I’ll post each photo on here every day, so you can see them.  If you want to do the challenge too, it’s not too late to start.

On another note, we have got lambs!  They were born this morning, there are two of them, and they are so cute.  They don’t have names yet, but they are both ram lambs, so if you want to recommend a name, that would be very helpful.  The one with the tan markings looks like his dad, Batman, and the other one looks like his mum did when we got her.  They are still wet, so we don’t know what they will look like when they are dry. I will post another photo of them when they dry out.  T

For now this is this is them and their mum, Cocoa:

See ya…



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