We had the BAFTAH play of Paddington on Saturday!  It went so well and I didn’t forget any of my lines.  I was playing Mrs Brown and Dad was Mr Brown and Sir Archibald.  This is  Mr Brown and me:
We had the play videoed on Friday, so it was a little bit like a dress rehearsal.  The whole play was so much fun and the stage looked so dull once we had taken the props off after the play.  The cream and jam scene, where Paddington cream pied Mr Brown, was the funniest part of the whole play.  The only problem was that Paddington kicked the lamington with the cream on that she was meant to cream pie herself with off the stage.  Paddington was played by a girl in the first scene, although Paddington is actually a boy’s role.  In the second scene, I didn’t have a role, but dad had Sir Archibald, the doctor, and he had a lot of fun doing that.  He wanted to get Mr Curry (the Brown’s neighbour) out of hospital and so he and Paddington played a trick on Mr Curry.  Paddington was going to operate on Mr Curry with a hammer, a chisel and a saw, and poor Mr Curry was going to be put to sleep with a sledgehammer!  All of us already want to do another play soon, and so that just proves how much fun we all had.

See ya…


P.S. This is a collage of all of the play photos:


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