OK, this might be a little weird, but in this post I’m not hoping for something, I’m talking about my calf, Hope!  Before I start, this is Hope:

We got Hope yesterday afternoon from some friends who are dairy farmers, but sadly, we are only borrowing her until she is weaned.  Dad was joking that she was called Hope because I hoped that I would win a ribbon with her and just wanted to give myself more hope, but that is not the reason!  Anyway, I just found this photo of her sire, Lynbrook Terrific ET S3J:

Isn’t he massive!  He was LIC’s top performing bull, so little Hope has amazing breeding.  LIC stands for Livestock Improvement Corporation, just in case you were wondering. He is a Jersey too.  Hope is the sweetest little calf, with the friendliest nature.  This morning when I went out to feed her, she bounced around her pen and was so cute.  Her dam was cow number 62, and she was a Fresian, so Hope is a cross-bred, cow number 62 was a very high producing cow, last season alone she produced about 5400 litres of milk, that is a lot of milk. She was also eight years old.

I will keep you updated on Hope’s progress and how we go at the calf shows!

On a COMPLETELY different note, this is another one of my many poems, actually the second poem that I wrote, Escape II:

Escape II:

I had no escape now,

I was there.

This was where the chaos was,

This was World War II’s battlefield!

There were explosions everywhere,

‘Attack!’ the soldiers screamed, ‘Attack!  Attack!’

I could feel the ground shaking,

Fear bubbled up inside me.

I loaded my gun,


The bullet flew off.

Soldiers screamed as bullets hit them.

Donkeys carrying the wounded,

Walked back to safety.

Pigeons flew overhead,

Bags and letters with them.

I couldn’t go back now,

I was here to fight,

To fight for my country’s freedom.

But I had to remember,

This was World War II!

It has changed a little bit over the past three years, but I hope that you like it.

See ya…



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