Cats, Dresses and Fairies…

So, if you’re reading this off Facebook, then you will probably have seen my dress.  If you have, and you were one of the people that commented or liked it, then thank you, all of the comments were so nice!  If you are subscribed to this, (and you can do so by clicking the ‘follow’ button at the bottom of the page and entering your email address to get emails when there is a new post), then this is what the dress looked like:                                                  It had changed a little bit from what I said that it would look like in the last post about it.  Last time I posted about it, it only had one strap, now it has two. We sent it off on Wednesday, and so it will be there by now.  It was so fun to make and looked amazing once it was done.  Wish me luck with the competition, I really hope that I win!

Anyway, onto the Fairies part of this, I promised that I would put a photo of me as a fairy on, and so here it is:

         And onto the last thing that I haven’t talked about: Cats.  A few days ago, mum told us that she had just seen Sparkle get through the locked cat flap!  Yesterday Tara and I saw her doing it, and it was hilarious, she hooks her paw under it and then opens it so that she can slip through, it is so funny to watch.  Does your pet do anything funny like that, please tell me!

See ya…



Please comment, I love recieving comments. Just say nice things, bad things make me sad and you don't want a sad blogger.

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