Cross My Heart and The Bravest of the Brave…

Now, last time I posted about Tara’s birthday, but this time I’m posting about MY birthday!  I turned twelve on Friday, and Friday was the last day of term and we had a BAFTAH meeting, so basically, I got the day off!  I got loads of awesome presents and Mum bought me cakes from a French bakery that were delicious.

I have just read the most amazingly moving book, it is called Cross My Heart, and is by Carmen Reid.  The full title for it is: Cross My Heart and hope to live.  It’s all about World War II and the Belgium Resistance, there is a girl called Nicole and she joins the Resistance after the Nazis take her father.  Carmen Reid makes the whole thing very sad and tells the tale of how mean and uncaring the Nazis were to everyone else.  It just makes me glad that we don’t have people like that going round in New Zealand and rounding up people to kill them if you understand what I mean.

This is the poem that I have been writing about the war, it is one of the many about the World Wars and when I was reading Cross My Heart, I changed it a little bit so that I had something that had never been in one of my poems before: The Resistance.  I find that it’s very helpful if I get comments on them, so if you can, please tell me if you like it:

The Bravest of the Brave:

To those of you who died, 

You brave, brave men of war, 

We thank you.

But this is to the others that we have to thank though,

To the young men and women of the Resistance.

Too many of you died,

In all too cruel ways.

But everyone thanks you,

And knows you in their dreams.

We all sincerely thank you, 

For the work that you put in.

You will never, never, never, never give up,

You brave, brave people of war.

The bravest of the brave.


I’m giving out extra points to anyone who can work out who said ‘Never, never, never, never give up’.  Comment if you know who it was.

See ya…




Please comment, I love recieving comments. Just say nice things, bad things make me sad and you don't want a sad blogger.

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