Tara’s Birthday Party…

I have not been writing much lately, probably because I have had nothing to write about, but now I do.  Tara had her 7th birthday on Sunday and had a few friends over for a party, I had to be a fairy and Ginge was a unicorn, I will add a photo when I get one.  Tara had made the theme ‘under the sea’ and it was very cool, we had spent a long time on Saturday making muffin cup fish with googly eyes and sticking them and sea coloured streamers up all over the dining room.  It all looked awesome!  Mum made an undersea cake with an orca ontop, this is what it looked like:

Today when I was doing my maths, one of the questions had some stuff about a Newton’s Pendulum in it.  Mum and I looked up what one was and they are weird.  Then, when I looked up how to make one on youtube, I saw these, they are amazing, leave me a comment, saying what you thought of them:

Awesome right, it’s so cool that things can do that all by themselves.  My favourite is the first one, but I like them all.  The three all have different things and shapes, see if you can see the different shapes on them.  The last one has two more videos to watch at the end of it, and they are just as amazing as the ones on the here.

See ya…



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