My Latest Story and Something To Ask You…

Really, no one has left me any comments, (with an exception of you Becky).  Well people have, but on Mum’s facebook page, not on this blog!  Tell me how you got on with the maths, because I don’t read Mum’s facebook page, so I don’t know what you’re saying about my blog!

Anyway, this is the story that I wrote this morning, it is quite a weird story but still funny and cool:

A Mix-Muddled Fairy Tale

Once upon a time three little pigs lived with their mother in a little cottage on one side of a bridge.  One day their mother said, “My dear little pigs, I have some cakes for your grandmother, could you please take them to her.  Look out for the wolves, and eat none of the buns, you may give one to anyone you run into though, as long as it’s not a wolf.”

So the three little pigs raced out of the cottage and up to the bridge with the basket.  They walked across the bridge a little way when a troll popped up.  “Who is this walking across my bridge-bridge-bridge?” he roared, “I will eat them all up for my supper, yummety-yum-yum!”  The little pigs trembled with fear.

“Please don’t eat us, we will give you one of our buns if you let us past.”

The troll considered this, “Very well, the biggest cake mind, tell your mother that I will come and see her soon, we are very good friends you know.”

The pigs squealed at this piece of information, and dashed across the bridge.  Once on the other side they saw a cottage and because they were very hungry, and their mother had told them not to eat the cakes, they raced inside.  Inside the little cottage there were three bowls of porridge, three chairs and three little beds.  One of the little pigs raced to the table, he tried all of the bowls, one was too hot, one was too cold but the last was just right.  He gobbled it all up.  The second little pig sat on one of the chairs, it was too soft, the next chair was too hard, but the last chair was just right.  He sat in it and then, SMASH!  The chair broke, leaving the pig on the floor.  While her brothers had been eating porridge and breaking chairs, the third little pig had been trying the beds.  The first bed was too hard for her, the second was too soft but the third bed was just right, she hopped in and was soon fast asleep.  The second little pig was trying to fix the chair when the door opened.  A little family of bears walked in, the three pigs froze.  “What are these pigs doing here?” the biggest one asked.

“W-w-well mister bear, we were on our way to our grandmother’s house and we got tired and hungry so we came in here.”

“Yes, I can see that.  Now, we are very hungry because you have eaten our porridge so what do you have for us to eat?”

“We have a bun each if you would like, we have lots.”

“Very well then, we will have a bun each, I will fix the chair too.”

“Oh, thank you mister bear, thank you very much, here are the buns.”

The pigs woke their sister up, gave her a quick explanation about who the bears were, passed over the buns, and ran down the path to their grandmother’s house.

Soon, and with no more accidents, the pigs arrived at their grandmother’s house.  They knocked on the door and at the ‘Come in’ went in.  Inside they saw that their cousins Little Red, Goldilocks and the three goats were already at their grandmother’s bed.  Suddenly there was a growl from the doorway, the pigs swivelled round to see…a wolf!  They shrieked and ran to the bed, to their surprise, the wolf burst into tears.  “I-I only w-w-wanted a b-b-bun, because I am v-v-very hungry-y-y!” he sobbed. 

“There, there, Steve, I’ll let you have a bun,” grandmother said.

The wolf walked over to the bed and sat on a chair next to it, the pigs sat on the other side of the bed in different seats.  Grandmother handed out the buns, “Steve here loves your mother’s buns, and so do I, they’re so good!”

The pig’s mother came in, and smiled at the wolf, “Hello Steve, it’s good to see you, you must come for dinner sometime!”

The three pigs were very confused, but then again, they had always known that their mother had some odd friends!

The End.

I really hope that you like it, leave your thoughts in the comment bar ON THIS BLOG, not on Mum’s facebook page please!

See ya…



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