Eyes, Hockey and Another Poem…

I haven’t posted for a little while, so sorry.  Anyway, seeing as the first part of this is ‘Eyes’, I’ll talk about this first.  So… on Wednesday morning, we noticed that something was wrong with Possum’s eye.  Dad and I decided to wait until Mum came back before we took her to the vet.  Once Mum was back, we decided that we needed to take her.  On Later on, at hockey practise, once she had been at the vet for half of the day, Mum came and broke the news that Possum’s eye had been punctured and that she had made the decision to have the eye removed!  She came back on Saturday and has only got one eye!  Poor Poss has to wear a lampshade for two weeks until the stitches come out.  She seems to be reacting well to it all though.

Onto the next thing: Hockey.  We played the other Ruahine hockey team, the Hawkes on Friday.  We played them in the grading matches and lost 6-1, this game was different…we drew 1-1!   It was so great and felt awesome!  We were in the lead at the end of the first half, but they scored in the second to even out the score a bit.

This is another poem, hopefully happier than the last ones:


Big trees towered above me,

I leaped from branch to branch.

I was finally free,

Free in the jungle.

There were jaguars beneath me,

But they weren’t going to eat me,

They were my friends.

Now I knew what it felt like,

What it felt like to be free.

And for once in my life,

I was enjoying myself.


See ya…




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