The Best Hockey Game…

Friday’s hockey game was amazing.  We had our first win of the season!  We won 1-0 against Ruahine and we didn’t have any subs, so we all played the full game.  We were all so pleased and I was voted player of the day!  At the end we were all exhausted, but very happy.  We’re playing the other Ruahine team on Friday, the team that we lost 6-1 to in the grading competition.  We are hoping that the score is better than last time.  It felt so amazing to win for the first time in the season.  Yay for us!

On a different note, I found this quote in Jackie French’s book, “A Rose for the ANZAC Boys” the other day:

“Because a dying man once told me.  He said ‘Tell the others not to blame themselves.  Tell them they did their best.  Tell them to live their lives.  That’s what’s important.  If only one of us makes it out of this, tell him not to waste it.'”  I think that the quote really sets off the mood of war.

This is my latest poem:

A Last Daydream…

With a hop, a skip, and a jump,

It all faded.

The last daydream of life,

Just died.

A place of stars and wishes,


All that I’ve ever wanted,

Is gone.

Nothing, nothing is there anymore,

Not a drop.

The last daydream of life has flown, 

Taking with it,

My life.


See ya…



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