There was no hockey on Friday, but we did have a BAFTAH meeting, our first Paddington rehearsal.  It went really well and was so fun, we’ve got another one next week.  By the way, did anyone do the maths?  There was no hockey because it’s Queens Birthday on Monday, Monday, not Friday, but it was good to have a week off.  Dad was teasing me that one of my crochet projects was a snail when it was actually a shell, so I decided to make him a snail.  Here it is:

I started a painting this week of a red ballet slipper, it’s a massive  change from the horse that I did a few weeks ago, there’s a photo of it at the bottom of the page.  We gave Xena back yesterday, she wasn’t going and we suspect that it’s because of her knees.  Because I have got nothing else to say, I’m going to share another one of my poems, here it is:


If you could bypass death,

Would you?

The more you think about it,

The more you wouldn’t.

You only live once,

But surely that’s long enough.

Long enough to do what you want,

Surely it is.

If it’s not,

Would you live forever,

Or would you die?

I wouldn’t bypass death, because if you did, then you never know what was ahead of you, and you’d see so many people dying and it would be strange not to die yourself.  Because if you did bypass death, what if there was another war, that would be awful to see, and what about things being driven to extinction?  I hope you get what I mean, kind of at least.  Please leave me your thoughts on bypassing death, if you would, then why and vice versa.

This is the painting of the horse at night:

See ya…



1 thought on “Stuff…”

  1. Hi Emily
    Your dad sent us the link to your blog which I have throughly enjoyed reading, great to know what you are up to and I think your poems are really interesting. I am going to see if Will and Flo can you your fiendish maths when they get back – they are camping/kayaking on the Medway – see if you can see it on a map if you have time? I have just finished reading a book (the Buried giant) which is all about gettig old and memory and whether having forgotten things is a good, bad or mixed thing. Your poem about death had some similiar themes. Hope hockey goes well if you are playing today. Becky

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