My poem…

Hockey on Friday was another total disaster!  We lost 6-0 to Weber again!  We were all devastated because we had been expecting something better than the score last time.  The Comets who I played for before my own game lost 4-0 to another Norsewood team.  Dads team won again……2-1.   Anyway, this is the poem that I’ve been working on for about three weeks, only last night did it really come together for me:


Her own life…

She wants to go,

To run.

But as much as she tries,

Her life is already set out.

All that she wants is a little freedom,

But she’s the heir to the throne,

Living a public life.

Nothing of it is hers,

She only wants freedom.

She’s sick of the royal life,

Sick of all the meetings and work.

All she wants is her own life,

Not a life that we all live,

But a life of her own.

She wants to be her own princess.

She wants to leave,

To live a normal life,

To take her own path.

To make the world a better place,

And to make up her own mind.


That poem was very difficult to write because of what it was about: the heir to the throne, living a life that she didn’t own.  It’s based on no-one, just the princess in my mind and my stories.  It is the tenth poem that I have written, most of the others are about the World Wars and things like that.  Hope you liked it.

See ya…



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