Worm Farm…

Because it was Earth Week last week, (most people had no idea about this), Dad and I made a worm farm.  It was super easy and really quick.  We are getting the worms and then it will be all ready to be put to use.  We used three big buckets that fitted inside each other and one lid.  This is how we made it:

We only needed to make holes in two of the buckets.  The third one goes at the bottom and collects the liquid that is extracted.  We needed two drill bits for this: a 4 mm one and a 10 mm one.  On one of the two buckets that were left over, we drilled holes all around the bottom with the 4 mm drill bit.  This goes on top of the bucket with no holes in it.  You only want small holes in this bucket or your worms will all go into the liquid and drown.  Using the same drill bit, drill holes all around the sides, this lets the air circulate round the worm farm.  Using the same drill bit, go around the edges of the last bucket.  Also make holes in the lid, use the small drill bit for this because you don’t want escaping worms, the holes will also let the worms have some air.  Now you will need to use the bigger drill bit to make lots of holes in the bottom of this bucket.  We had to use a 7 mm drill bit first, because the 10 mm one didn’t work too well.  These holes let the worms go into both buckets.  You put the worm food in the top bucket with some cardboard over the top to keep it damp.  The worm castings, vermicast or soil collect in the second bucket.

It was so easy, you should make one!

See ya…



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