Hockey and Whales…

Alright, I suppose that it’s not the day after my hockey game, but I can still tell you about it!  The score was 6-1 to Ruahine, and the referee was pulling up EVERY, SINGLE, HIT!  We hated it because we had just got all of our hits right and now we had to stop doing them! I suppose that it could have gone much worse, but it was still annoying.

On another matter, Tara asked Dad a question last week: ‘Are dolphins small whales?’  Dad got in touch with his friend Anton.  Anton is the whale man at Te Papa in Wellington.  Anton sent us back this email:

‘The group of animals that comprise Whales, dolphins and porpoises = Cetaceans

We can break cetaceans down into two modern groups ( they are called in this case sub-orders)

the Mysticeti = Baleen whales : that include the following families the Rorquals, Right whales, and pygmy right whale


the Odontoceti = Toothed whales: that include the following families Sperm whales, diminutive sperm whales, beaked whales, porpoises, monodontids, and DOLPHINS.

So what we can see from this is that Dolphins are one of the families of Toothed Whales.

So yes dolphins are whales, and that is how a killer whale can be the largest member of the dolphin family….it is a whale and a dolphin….but then…it always was :)’

Dad thought that this was a little over the top for a six year old like Tara, so he asked me to interpret it into a small project that Tara could understand.  Just click on this document to have a look at it: Whales.  Hope you like it.

See ya..



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