Our First Hockey Game…

On Friday, we had our first hockey match! After we won the Kiwisticks grade last year, it was decided that we should move up to the Kwiksticks grade this season. My team, the Blackhearts, are at the bottom of the rankings. There are only six teams in the grade, (but us and Dad’s team are from Norsewood).  We played the team that won the grade last year: Weber.  We had a whole lot of trouble, because they had been practising for ages, and we had had our first practice, the practice on Thursday, cancelled because of rain.  It was an extremely difficult game and we were all on defence the whole time.  In the first half, I got whacked in the knee twice, once by my own teammate and once by one of the Weber players.  They got four goals in the first half and so we were all feeling determined to stop them winning by heaps.  As it turned out, they only scored two in the second half, these were scored in P.C.s, (penalty corners), they had six P.C.s in a row and scored nothing, and then they had another two and scored out of both of them.  We were not at all going to score goals, so we just stuck to defending.  In the end, we were all pleased that Weber hadn’t scored the other six goals that they could have out of the P.C.s.  Dad’s team, the Blackhawks, drew 0-0 with South.  We decided after the game that Weber wasn’t going to know what had hit them when we play them again!

See ya…



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