Let’s put a stop to Animal Testing.

Hi guys,
This is such an important message to spread. Thank you Tabi for sharing this!

Busy Bee

Hello hedgehogs,

I’m afraid this won’t be like normal posts, it’s more of a rant and informing you how YOU can help to end this. *Caution* read the links about animal testing at your own risk. They aren’t too graphic, but could cause upset.

I’m sure a huge, huge amount of you already are completely aware and against this. But if we all knew or cared about it, it wouldn’t still be a thing.

IMG_0169 Gorgeous Reenie :))

Animal. Testing. Since when did those two words become such a normal phrase? Who in there deluded mind would think humans are superior enough to force helpless animals to be tested on? The animal kingdom has been here since way before us, so how come just because we have two legs to walk on and a voice box, we suddenly have the right to inflict prolonged pain (and a lot more much, much…

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The Fog – Sad Story + Birthday Wishes!

You asked for writing!

And……I give you what you want. You guys are soooooooooooooooo lucky!

Just a brief intro for this piece, we were often asked to write stories at school using Pobble365 to find picture prompts . This story is written from one of these pictures, it’s the photo from March 17th and was originally called ‘Into the mist’.  It was not written that long ago, I think I wrote it at the end of November? But, this is The Fog.


The Fog

resource image

The fog surrounded her, a thick, grey blanket. It crept up her legs, jumping up the snow white dress she wore, eating her slowly. Her dark, tousled hair flowed down her back in a waving torrent, a dark waterfall. The lantern she held in her hand flickered, a futile attempt to stay alight. It died.

        A sound, a rustle behind her. The girl jumped, startled and spun, staring about her in alarm. Nothing, there was nothing there. She straightened the halo of flowers atop her head and continued on her way. The water – as that’s what she struggled aimlessly through – crept up her legs. It reached her thighs and she shivered with cold – or maybe it was fear. She continued on; a lone figure in a city of death.

Everything about the city was dead. It was grey, a city of skeletons. The ships she headed hopelessly toward were just skeletons, old remnants of a life once gone. Without the light everything was dangerous – or so it seemed. The borderline of wire – barbed and threatening – loomed to her right. She steered herself away from it, the unbeknown fence, no one had passed it’s barrier and made it back. For all she knew at her young age, no one had passed it. She was young and ignorant.

The Spectres had taken the life from the place. Everything was scary, the people gone. The Spectres had taken everything and left the city in ruins.

She continued on into the fog. Walking on and on. It leapt and yanked. Spun and recoiled. She continued on and on. The fog shrouding her small body until she was overtaken by it. It pulled at her and the last amount of energy she had left in her left the body and she was under.

The last star in a city gone. An angel. Gone to the arms of the fog.


I have to admit, just reading that, that it is very deep and sad. It’s not the nicest story ever, but it is my sort of style, I’ve got several more. Something you need to know about me: I always kill off story characters. Always… Every. Single. Time. I’m not very nice. But, that’s just my style. And usually it’s the main character that I kill off. Or their best friend. Or their parents. Or all of the above!

But…What did you think of it? Did you like me death scene?


Happy Birthday Briar!

Well, happy slightly late birthday at least. I told her I’d give her a shout out on her for her birthday, so there it is, just for you Briar. A birthday shout out. Her birthday was the 12th if you were wondering. Happy birthday if yours was too!

Sign off


Reflecting on 2017: Books I Read!!!!!

I promise this is the last post in this series!



The Books I Read

We’ll begin with a quick list of the books I read (in reading order), an because I really did not want to take up lines and lines of you time, I put them all onto a Google Doc for you! It’s only 93 sadly.

Best Books


Loved Books.jpg


Looking at those books, I liked a lot of the books I read this year! I’d rate this mix an average of 4.25 stars. My 5 star books would be: Staying Strong by Demi Lovato, If I Stay by Gayle Forman, The Changeover By Margaret Mahy and Walk In My Shoes by Alwyn Evans. They were all amazingly beautiful books that I would fully recommend.

Books I Didn’t Like

Unliked Books



There are a lot of books there, but my reasoning is that if I get over one chapter through I have to finish the book. Unfortunately I managed to do that with those books. So I read them all. I think that the only one I may have a theory of hate for is Lord Valentine’s Castle by Robert Silverberg. I think I hated this because it took me 3 months to read so I’d forgotten the start when I finished it! Don’t hate my list!

Disappointing Books

I could not find a photo of David Hill’s 2016. It was disappointing though.



The above books were very disappointing. Sorry about the huge photo of The 5th Wave. Is that what’s at the bottom? It is on my screen. Several of these books were the last in the series and were just annoying. There’s also the whole Twilight series in there. It disappointed…a lot. Especially after all the love it’s been given.

Best Book Series

Definitely The Lunar Chronicles. I didn’t read Winter until this year but apart from that, it was all amazing!tlc.jpg Can I just mention that I love that when you put the initials of the series together you get TLC which is kind of cute?!






Best New Discovery Author

Cecelia Ahern. She’s amazing. I’ve only read Perfect and Flawed of her’s (both 4.5 star books) but they were amazing. Ito read more of her work.

Saddest Books

The saddest books I read this year…

Sad Books



The Hunger Games was only sad because SPOILER [Rue died] END. Everything Left Unsaid and The Fault in Our Stars were very similar, both about SPOILER [the girl’s boyfriend dying of cancer] END. And, One Thousand Hill and Walk in My Shoes were similarly sad because they were both about immigrants escaping wars. But they all almost made me cry. ALMOST! The only one that made me cry was The Hunger Games.

Senseless Books (but good ones)

These was one book that made no sense but was amazing.

tmc Actually, there was just one. The Moment Collector which was by Jodi Lynn Anderson who also wrote Tiger Lily which was a very good book and I am in the process of rereading. I think that with The Moment Collector it took a lot of rereading and patience to make sure of the details and understand it. It was a very good book though.




Pages Read

Now, I could not do this because it took me AN HOUR to work out the number of pages the other night and when I came back today, THE. TOTAL. WAS. GONE.


Enough ranting, there is no total page count right now because my brain is screwed from all that hard work…FOR NOTHING! GRRRRRRRRRRR.


That took an awful lot of time and work. I am so sorry for the lack of posts but I was in Auckland for a track-and-field event and then I was banned from here. I will post more, I promise.

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Reflecting on 2017: Goals for 2018

Welcome to the first day of 2018!

It’s time for new year goals! Maybe SMART goals this year. (SMART standing for: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely) Smart also means, you know, smart. Not odd or silly.

Image result
What I need to focus on!

My long list of (achievable) goals for 2018!



Improve 1500m time to below 5 minutes 30 seconds. Achievable. I’m on 5:47 now. Just 17 seconds off that and I’ll be sweet.

Improve calf strength. Calf strength is vital. You know, your calves work possibly the hardest of your whole body.

Improve core strength. Yes. It has everything to do with running. Core strength equals stamina.

Do pronation stretches daily. Three words. Look. It. Up.


Reach 300+ followers. I’m on 161 at the moment! Thank you guys!

Post more writing. I’ve got so much writing I could post! And it would seem you wanted to see some?!

Do a collab. If you want to collab, please comment!

Do a guest post. Again, if you want to do one, just comment below!

Hold an event/challenge/contest. This one sounds like fun. I’ve always wanted to do one so 2018 will be the year for it!


Finish WIP. This could take some time, but it’ll get there. I really want it finished this year though.

Write daily. I don’t write nearly as much as I’d like so I’m going to set myself a goal to write everyday. Not just some days!

Come up with title for WIP. I don’t think calling it ‘The Untitled’ is a very good idea. So, it needs a title.

Finish outfit designs for WIP. I get really into my characters. I want to know them personally. They are my babies and they need clothes. Specially designed clothes. Just. For. Them!


Discover new books. I need to find new books to read. Please, any recommendations would really be apreciated. I’ve just been recommended the Wings of Fire series, the Keepers of the Lost City series and a few others. I’ll tell you when I’ve read them so I can fangirl with you!

Read more variety. I read the same types of books over and over again. Maybe it’s time for a change?

Read 100 books. Last year’s goal. To be completed this year!

Use Goodreads. I really want to start using Goodreads to find books and write reviews on. It’ll also keep track of my book-goal!

Write more reviews. Reviews are so much fun and I don’t write them enough. I’m going to write and post some on here for you all to read!


Crochet a blanket. Last year’s goal. Again.

Design more outfits. I love design and don’t do it enough. So I’ll focus on that more this year.

Finish a cross stitch. Sadly, I’ve got three of these in the process right now and I really need to finish and frame one!

Redesign bedroom. After my room’s painted I really want to completely change it’s look to suit me more than it does now. More design work! I love design work!

Draw more. I love drawing and have always done it, but this year that passion’s sort of dissolved due to time lack.


Smile more. Supposedly I have a nice smile?! I just don’t use it enough. So, I want to start to use it more!

Sleep better. I am constantly tired and I really need to sleep better. Maybe not staying up really late reading.

Procrastinate less. I procrastinate WAY too much. It’s probably really bad for me. Why don’t I just get on and do stuff?!

Image result for procrastination gif

Stay motivated. I need to stay motivated to accomplish things. Got any ideas?

Become more organised. I’m not at all organised. Everything in my room is just shoved into places so I can find them by taking everything apart. With my new room, I’ll sort this out!

Spend more time outside. do spend time outside. But not enough. It’s probably a good idea to change that!

Don’t get too stressed/anxious. I get stressed at tiny things. One of the cons of being a perfectionist. And…being stressed makes me angry and me being angry is. Not. Good.

Stretch daily. I stretch a couple of times a week and if I remember. I really need to stretch more often because my flexibility skyrockets and then plummets. And my muscles get really, really, really sore.

Try yoga. Does anyone know what this is about? Have you tried it? I really want to. Maybe it’ll help with my sore runner muscles.

Make new friends. I should do this. I’m starting at a new school, I know no one… I should make friends.

Continue to eat healthier. I’ve been eating healthily for the past year and I want to keep that way.

Drink more water. I don’t drink anything like enough water. I really need to drink more because apparently it’s good for you?! REALLY?!

Big, Overall Goals:

Finish what I start. Yeah. Procrastination does not help with this!

Challenge/Push myself. My teacher told me to do this. I really do need to as well.


So, my very long goals list! I’ll have to keep track of it somehow!

What are your goals for 2018? Do you think mine are achievable? Are your’s achievable? Also, do you want to collab or do a guest post with/for me?

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Reflecting on 2017: What I Managed to Do (and Not Do!)

Happy Almost New Year!

2017 has very nearly ended! It’s about 7:45 PM now so we’ve almost finished the year. And, here in New Zealand, we celebrate the New Year first!

Earlier in the year I made a list of goals for 2017. This is reflecting on those goals! And a few others I added recently.



I ran 5 kilometres (3.1 miles) without stopping, on the flat. Definitely! Just last week I ran 10km on the flat! I’ve run two 10km races and one half-marathon. Completed!

I sort of kept a good diary. Yes. I sort of kept a diary. Just little things that excited or scared me. But I did definitely keep a diary! Or at least, a memory/emotion log!

I walked the whole way along my slackline. I did this near the start of the year and it was very exciting! I think it’s something I recorded in my diary.

I wrote more poetry. Not exactly one a day, but an awful lot. There’s always next year!

I got my rabbits to have babies. Yes. Three times. I’ve got 10 baby rabbits at the moment and Cream had her other two earlier in the year. And yes, I am attempting to sell them. If you’re in NZ and need a rabbit,you know who to contact!!! 🙂

I went to a zoo. I went to a zoo with school on camp. It wasn’t as exciting as it was when I was eight! What was I thinking!

I got at least Reserve Champion with Cleo. Well, yes. My darling won Reserve Champion Calf so that’s completed. Just!

I got my splits right down. Yes. I got my left splits at the start of December. I’ve still got them, but they still really hurt.

I really did well at school. As you will know if you have been following me for a while, I was home schooled last year and I decided to go back to school for my last year. At the start of the year I wan’t sure if I’d be behind but I really wasn’t and it was very good. I think I did well!


There was no way that I finished and published Happy. How naive was I?! PUBLISH A BOOK?! Really. What was I thinking. No. I didn’t even finish writing it, let alone publish it. And now, it’s a book without a title! And it’s a whole new plot/outline. Next year’s WIP!

I did not crochet a blanket. Not quite. I took all the squares I made apart and so it’s not finished. Now, I’m in the process of making *counts* five new blankets. Soon, I’ll have finished one! I did crochet a lot of kawaii amigurumi though! (cute, little stuffed creatures!)

Image result for kawaii stars crochet amigurumi free pattern

I did not read over 100 books. NOOOOOOOOOO! I’m on 90. Ten down. It’s so sad and tragic and just awful. NO, NO, NO, NOOOOO!

I did not finish colouring Enchanted Forest. Again, naivety! What did I think?! I’ve got four pages through. It’s like I thought I had all the time in the world. *shakes head in embarrassment* *thinks* Which I almost did last year. Before school came along!

I didn’t repaint and redecorate my room. Give me about 2 weeks and I’ll be able to check this off! Not yet though. We’ve had a lot more on and everything’s getting redone so my room is too! In about 2 weeks though.

I definitely did NOT unicycle 2 kilometres (1.24 miles) on the flat without stopping. Nut-uh-uh. No way. So naive of me. Why couldn’t I have realistic goals? I was such a twelvie! No. I did not accomplish this.

I did not drink half the amount of water I wanted to either. I got better near the end of the year, but I think there were only a handful of days I drunk anything near 6-8 glasses a day. More like 3-4!

And I cannot juggle 3 balls well. Not yet. I can do a few catches and nothing else. YET! I will try to learn.



That was embarrassing! And sad! And DISAPPOINTING!

How was your year? Please make me feel better by sharing your GOOD year. I’ve just read Ellie’s post and her year, well, it was 100 times better than mine! Were your goals as naive as mine? Did you have any?

Happy New Year! ❤ See you all in 2018!

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Reflecting on 2017: Best (and Worst) Moments

It is almost the end of 2017!

Can you believe that 2017 is almost at an end? I really can’t. It’s been an amazing year filled with so many things. I do things big and so, to say goodbye to 2017, I’m going to be doing a reflections series thing on 2017.

First off, the good and bad moments of 2017 – the highlights and lowlights.


Best Moments

WINNING DUX! This is by far my best moment of 2017. I won Dux (best in school) at the end of year school prizegiving. Took a lot of hard work and several arguments with several people over it. And a lot of brainpower, nerves, tests and perseverance. But I got there and I’ve now got my name on the Honours Board at school, a certificate and a shining trophy to prove my hard work. It all paid off in the end!!!

Winning Mathletics. I won this with a couple of classmates in the middle of the year and it felt so. Good. One of the best moments. Standing on the stage in front of over a hundred people holding the trophy with the three of us grinning like – what I’m not sure but was probably – maniacs. And the ride home was fun too. Mad, but fun.

Discovering (and Reading) New Books. Thanks to blogging friends and IRL friends I found so many new and amazing books that are now favourites. They’re all very good. Except the I Yam a Donkey book, it’s a picture book anyway. I think discovering the YA section of the library hugely helped with this. There are so many good books there. And I discovered a huge. New. Library. My happy place!

Image result for books

Running a Half Marathon. It took a lot of training and soreness but I ticked one thing of my list of things to do while I live. It was amazing. And I ran it with a friend.

I (Seemed(???)) Healthier. Well, I exercised a lot more and I ate healthier. I think???? That’s good, right. I think. 😕

I Got More Flexible. I’ve got my splits on my left leg. Almost on the right and my middle splits are pretty close. My back flexibility has also sky rocketed. I can now do things with my back even the most flexible girl at school balked at when she watched. I have to admit, it is pretty gross.

I Blogged More. I blogged more about what I wanted to and not so much about school stuff, like I did last year. It was very good. It was one of my best decisions of the year to keep blogging. No regrets.

I Wrote More. My story is getting somewhere now. It’s been the last 2-3 months that its really got better. I’ve got several parts of it written (don’t get me wrong, they’re not edited or anything) and a few others with outlines. But those outlines are killing me. I’m drowning in them! But The Story Without a Name, as I’m calling it, is beginning and getting better.

Image result for writing

Making Amazing Friends. I’ve always been a loner. I’ll admit it. I’m socially awkward and being smart means that I’m the ‘nerdy girl who spends all her time reading’. I know! Offensive! But this year I worked through that and…made friends! Very good friends who weren’t just my friends to copy my work. Real friends. And I made Internet friends too! .

Discovering. Running. Yes. One of the best decisions of the year. Beginning running. It’s my happy place now.


Worst Moments

Not really moments. Just things.

Stress. Everything this year was stressful. School was right up there. The fight for Dux was hard and stressed me out completely. Also, sleeping less and having less time did. Not. Help. One bit. The pressure I think I put on myself added a lot more stress. There were a lot of things that overwhelmed me so much it was difficult to keep going. BUT I DID! And now, the holidays are for destressing!

Image result for life! stressed gifs

Sleeping Less. This did not help my stress levels. I got up at about 7-8 AM last year and this year I was (and still am) getting up at about 5-6 to run and I’m not getting to  bed/sleep until really late. So much for the leisure of 8/9/10 hours of sleep I got last year! That’s a dream. It’s more like 6/7 now! It’s hard for someone who needs more time to sleep.

Having Less Time. AKA Being Busier. Goes back to the last two. I’ve got a lot more on now. With school (which I didn’t have last year), after school activities (hockey, athletics, Tara’s drumming), running and animals I’ve got far less time to do good things (READ) than I’d like. It’s not going to get easier next year with high school and all but maybe, just maybe, I’ll buy myself more time to read and write in some little places?!


What were your favourite/least favourite moments of 2017? Are you looking forward to 2018? What happened in 2017? Tell me what you’re looking forward to!

This was way to happy and sad for me. The bad things are just plain. Depressing. Is that really me?! Yikes!
If you have any ideas for future reflecting 2017 posts, sharing is caring!

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The Liebster Award

Hi guys,

Merry Christmas! I can’t believe it’s nearly Christmas! Anyway, Liz over at Home with the Hummingbirds (I love that name, love, love, love it!) nominated me for the Liebster Award. I decided to do it! Thanks Liz. Here’s the award.

The Rules

1. Acknowledge the blog that gave it to you and display the award. Done and done!

2. Answer the 11 questions that the blogger gives you. Below.

3. Give 11 random facts about yourself. Sure.

4. Nominate 11 blogs. Hard!

5. Notify those blogs of their nomination. Easy…once those 11 blogs have been decided on!

6. Give them 11 questions to answer. Um…

Liz’s Questions

1. How long have you been blogging?

I’ve been blogging for almost two years. It’ll be two years in April on the *checks* 27th. At least, that was when my first post was. It’s here if you want to check it out!

2. Is this your first blog?

Yes. I’d never wanted to blog before last year.

3. Does it snow where you live?           

Yes! Most certainly it does snow. It’s snowed the last two years. There are posts on the snow here and here!

4. Favourite Colour?

Don’t have one. If I had to choose one I’d say either red, turquoise blue, pastel pink or white. That’s not one! IDK! It’s too hard, Liz.

5. Farthest you’ve travel.ed?

Um. I travelled to Invercargill. I’ve never travelled from New Zealand though. I want to!

6. If you could travel to anywhere in the world, where would you go? 

Paris. I’d love to go to Paris. I really want to climb the Eiffel Tower and eat French food. My aunt says it’s amazing. As does my Mum. And, come to think of it, everyone who I’ve talked to who’s been there!

7. What’s your favourite Holiday?

Christmas! It’s usually sunny here and I love it. We’ve had big Christmas Parties the last couple of years and it’s just so much fun!

8. Do you have long, or short hair?

Long. I want it longer though. I had it cut a couple of months ago and I had to get about 3 inches off it. It was a tragic time. 😦 I’m still sad about it.

9. Have you ever done an award before?

No. I’ve been nominated for heaps, but I’ve never been allowed to do them. Dad told me I couldn’t do them for a while. But now, here I am, doing one! So I s’pose I can!

10. Are you travelling for Christmas/New Year’s

No. We’re at home for both Christmas and New Year’s. I really wish we were but it’s a little bit hard for us all to travel when we’re got cows to milk and animals to feed and look after. One day!

11. Have you ever broken any bones?

Have I what! And in the weirdest ways ever! I broken my leg when I was little by tripping over a rug and my arm a couple of years ago playing a game with my friends on the grass at school. One of them pushed me over and I landed on it. Snapped the wrist.

My 11 Facts

1. I hate soppy, sappy romance books. They just make me cringe at the character’s struggles to fall in love. In other books, it’s fine, but when the book is a plain old romance…no. Just no!

2. I am the eldest and have two incredibly annoying siblings. Although, one is quite cute. I mean, this face, who could resist?!

To cute! Maybe she’s not that annoying. NO! I TAKE THAT BACK!

3. I own 13 rabbits and am in the process of selling 5 of them and taking orders for the another 5. I wan’t have that many someday!

4. I love reading YA fantasy, horror and sci-fi. Don’t ask why. Don’t judge.

5. It is 10:01 right now. In the morning. In New Zealand. I love that time. It’s a palindrome if you didn’t know. Like ‘Madam I’m Adam’ and ‘Racecar’.

6. I am making a Christmas Cake and listening to very loud music when I write this. At 10:01 in the morning.

7. My favourite word at the moment is:

noun: scrutiny; plural noun: scrutinies
1. critical observation or examination.
“every aspect of local government was placed under scrutiny
8. I am currently reading Cress. The second book in the Lunar Chronicles Series. It is very good and ACTUALLY MAKES SENSE. Unlike all the books I got out of the library yesterday. I wish the YA fantasy, horror and sci-fi sections were better. But no, all I get is horrible, sappy, soppy romances. *grumbles about sickening romances* Sorry, don’t take offence, I won’t judge you if you like them.
9. I ran 6km this morning. Sorry, not showing off or anything. I’m just running out of things to write about!
10. I really want to finish writing my story. I really need to get on with it!
11. Finally! I’ve just called Mum to ask if she can pick up almost all the Keepers of the Lost Cities books from the library. Because the library is and hour and a half away and I really need the books so I don’t die over Christmas from a lack of good books! DO NOT SPOIL THEM FOR ME! I’ve read the first one so you can spoil it as much as you want!

My Nominees

Um…I really don’t want to offend anyone! I follow too many blogs to deal with but I have to nominate a few. 11 to be exact. And Liz nominated none of them, leaving me to choose them on my own!

Anyone who missed out, I s’pose you can do it if you want!

My 11 Questions

  1. What are you most proud of achieving in 2017?
  2. What time is it when you write your post and what country are you in?
  3. What was the last thing you called someone about?
  4. What’s your favourite word?
  5. Are you reading a book at the moment? If so, what is is? Don’t kill me. DO NOT KILL ME FELLOW BOOKWORMS! STUPID QUESTION! *dies of shame*
  6. Writing or reading or blogging?
  7. Favourite flavour of ice cream (or other frozen deliciousness)
  8. What was the last song you listened to?
  9. One favourite book…or series?
  10. What are the first 11 things that pop into your head when you look out the closest window?
  11. And…How are you?


There you go. Now to go and find all these rascallish people and comment to them!

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Thirteen Reasons Why

Hi guys,

I think I set myself a record on Monday. I read two books in one afternoon. I read Everything Everything and Thirteen Reasons Why in the time frame of 3pm to 11pm (sorry Mum!!! :)). They were both amazing books that I would definitely recommend. Yes, I stayed up late but the books were too good! I’ll review them both sometime. Here’s a review on the second one I read; Thirteen Reasons Why.


Thirteen Reasons Why

Jay Asher

Thirteen Reasons Why is a book that has been under scrutiny since the Netflix series came out sometime last year. It’s a book – and a series – about a girl who tapes herself explaining why she committed suicide. The story is narrated by a boy listening to the tapes; Clay Jensen.

Hannah – the girl recording the tapes – is a girl who went to Clay’s school and committed suicide. She made 13 tapes about the 13 reasons she killed herself and sent them to 13 different people. Each person is a person who was the reason for one of these tapes. Clay was one of these people. He receives the tapes in a shoe box, sent to him with no return address. He doesn’t know what they’re about but begins with the tape with a ‘1’ on it. He soon finds out they’re Hannah’s tapes, how they got to him and why. He doesn’t want to, but he listens to them, discovering Hannah’s secrets that led to her death.

I found this an excruciatingly hard book to read. It was incredibly well written and everything was described so well, it felt like you were there. It was not an enjoyable book but was very well thought out and made you need to read more. The book was amazingly in depth and made you feel sick, angry, frustrated, upset, sad and cold. The detail makes you feel as though you are there listening to the tapes instead of Clay or watching Hannah record them. It’s scary.

This book is really hard to read and makes you feel like you are going to be sick because of some of the descriptions. I would recommend it to people over the age of 13 or 14 who have read most of the young adult books at their library (me) and are not faint hearted. It is also best not to read it before you go to sleep because it means it’s very hard to get to sleep because all you can do is think about the book. It is a very hard book to understand, digest and continue to read but you rally want to get to the end of it and so you read and read and read until you’ve finished it. I did not enjoy this book but will give is 5 stars.


As you may have picked up, I hated and loved this book. It was all wrong and impossible not to feel sick about. Thanks to everyone for recommending it for me! NOT. But I’d have to read it one day. Everyone said to watch the show but I decided to read the book. I’m not sure I want to watch it. I really don’t know.

Have you read this? Watched it? What did you think? Should I watch it? Please tell me!

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Fizzy’s Blogging Interview

Hi guys,

I am back from an unwanted hiatus! Sorry to all the people I follow for my lack in comments and likes!

Fizzy over at Quirky Girl Studio invited all bloggers to answer a few questions on her blog. I decided that as well as commenting I’d put them on here. Her questions are italic and mine, normal.


Before you answer the questions feel free to write a small paragraph about yourself including any extra information. 

I am a 13-year-old girl living in New Zealand’s lovely country-side. I’ve just finished Year 8 at a small country Primary School and am going to an all girls high school next year. I love animals and own many. I also run and hope to (dream big world) go to the Olympics one day running the 5000m and the 3000m steeple chase (told you to dream big!). I also write and hope to one day publish a novel. I started blogging last year when I was home schooled and it has just become a hobby.

1. What was your inspiration to start blogging?

Dad asked me to start blogging to share what I did as my schooling last year. I think that the main things that inspired me to keep blogging from there was that it let me interact with people from around the world and make new friends. I also liked sharing my views on the world. I’m inspired by all the other bloggers out there I think.

2. What message do you hope to share through your blog?

Another tricky one. I hope to share the message that just being yourself is the most important thing. You can’t be someone who you either look up to or are jealous of without ruining yourself. I think that many people want to do things the way others want to and like what they like to be popular or liked. But when others realise this is just a cover they don’t like them. If you’re yourself then people are more likely to like you since you can’t surprise them by being someone else and not the person they thought you were. I also want people to know that I do look up to others and what they do is not something I want to be, it’s just something that inspires me to be more myself. I mainly look up to Emma Watson and Emma Coburn. How odd, both Emma’s! 🙂

3. What do you like about blogging?

As I said in the brief, I like interacting with others and making new friends. I also like sharing my views and what I do. I love meeting people from all over the world and finding people who follow me who live places where I’d like to visit. I love sharing what I learn with others and finding out new things from them.

4. What do you wan’t to be when you grow up? What are your dreams for the future?

I said this in the brief too. I really hope to be able to go to the Olympics as a runner and do my country proud, even just representing NZ would be amazing. I’d also like to publish a novel, the novel I’m working on now, which was called Happy but now doesn’t have a name. My one huge educational goal is to become an anaesthetist.

5. If you could change one thing about our world what would it be?

Tough. There’s a lot I would change. Cancer, poverty, war, illness, depression, suicide, murders. The list goes on. One thing though. Hard. The first three are the most important to me, but I don’t know. One? Probably cancer. I’d like there to be a cure for cancer. It’s so hard. I know! Can I say I want all things horrible to be stopped and cured, bar death because death is horrible, but without it, overpopulation and we’d kill each other. Is that one? Otherwise, yeah, a cure to cancer

Just to share a fact on that, did you know that Japan and Russia are still at war? World War II that is. They didn’t sign a contract that called the war off, so World War II is still going!

6. What is your favourite hobby?

I’ve got so many hobbies! I crochet, cross stitch, play piano, go to school (a hobby!), cook, do gymnastics (at school), look after animals and run. There are probably more. Hang on, I write stories and poems and read. Yeah, a lot to choose. I also blog. Blogging, writing and running would have to be my favourites. I do all heaps. The running I do almost everyday, the writing the same. The blogging, not so much. So running and writing. They’re both stress relieving, can be difficult and are both definitely very fun to do (on occasion they can be difficult, but not often.).

7. What have been your highlights of 2017?

My highlight of 2017? There are so, so, so many. I have to say, there are some that really stick out though. Probably coming 7th in the HB Year 8 Cross Country Championships, 4th in the HB 1500m Athletic Championships, winning HB Mathletics with Ben and Hannah at school, winning my scale drawing competition, getting Reserve Champion Pet Calf with Cleo. Getting Dux of School last Wednesday. I don’t know. Probably winning Mathletics and Dux, they’re both very amazing achievements. I’ll have to put my ‘I Remember…’ piece of writing for school on here, show you guys how much fun it was. My year, it was all amazing, there were ups and downs to it, but overall, I’d have to say I had amazing fun and really enjoyed myself.


There you go! Fizzy, when you get this email, there are the answers to your questions! I loved this, if anyone else has an interview up, send the link through and I’ll be sure to complete the questions for you!

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Recapping November

Hi guys,

It’s November already?! We finish school on the 14th! I’m scared. I’m finishing primary school already?! It feels like it just started, I remember my first day! Anyway, last month’s recap!

Books Read:

This feels much better than last month! Hopefully!

  • Snow White and the Huntsmen
  • These Broken Stars
  • I am not Esther
  • Being Magdalene
  • Falling Fast
  • Everything Left Unsaid
  • Rain Dance
  • Jumping Fences
  • Stars Above

It’s okay, 9 books. I’m only 25 off my goal for the year! :(, betta get reading!


This is going very well. I wrote a lot on it this afternoon actually. I’ll have to put pictures on of what my notebook looks like! It’s atrocious! I can hardly read it, I’d make a good doctor. Let me tell you, I saw one this morning, their writing is terrible. And I’ll have to put on some of what I’ve written. The idea for it’s changed again, as has the name it’s got at the moment. It’s gone back to what it was, but with a unique twist – an unique twist? – that I liked. I’ll have to thank our principal for that! Not to be revealed yet!

2017 Goals

None of these were completed. Almost. But not yet. The goal to make a blanket wasn’t complete. I did make a dress. That doesn’t count though. And I’ll never wear it, it was made of a curtain!

November Goals

None of these were done. Except I did get my splits right down. Actually, that was yesterday which doesn’t count does it?!

Nope, none of them. I drunk more water, but not 7 glasses a day. And I did write more. As above, I read only 9 books, not 20!

Goals for December

  • Read 25 books
  • Get my 1500m time down for the Colgate Games
  • Drink more water
  • Keep my room tidy
  • Blog more
  • Cook more
  • Sell the rabbits
  • Work out how to make a good sorbet!

Easy! I should be able to do them!


I’m disappointed in myself. I should have done at least slightly better! But, oh well!

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